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Harnessing The Power Of Sun
We Focus On Growing Our Panels With Every Sunrise
Convert direct sunlight to water. System without batteries.
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System with batteries.
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Combination between Off-Grid and On-Grid.
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System with batteries.
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System without batteries.
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Introducing Our Solar-Powered Water Heating Solutions: Unlock the power of solar energy with our state-of-the-art water heating systems, crafted from German Titanium sheets by TINOX....
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Save Money, Save The Environment!
KYPROS offers you the best long term effective investment, a power solution to generate electricity independently.

The basis for the success of any project is proper planning, and ensuring the result by working with specialists and experts.
When it comes to installing solar electric systems it is very important to determine if it is beneficial for your home or business and to analyze the requirements and parameters before installing panels.

Environmental Sensitivity
Personalised Solutions
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Making Tomrrow Different Today
The KYPROS Purpose

Kypros is the most convenient and dependable solution for the use of solar energy of the highest quality and in compliance with ISO standards for the production of renewable energy, which is used to provide photovoltaic energy and water heaters.

Today KYPROS has more than 50,000 satisfied customers because of their solutions, expertise and after sales services across all the Lebanese regions.

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To be praised as the only trustworthy solar provider by installing a solar system on every roof across Lebanon.
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Grow our Panels with Every Sunrise.
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A Big Family Full of Energy.
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Insisting Courageous Resilient Agile Trusted
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Employees are the organization's most vital asset, and their dedication is directly proportional to it’s success.
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Benefiting from nearly 30 years experience.