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Introducing Our Solar-Powered Water Heating Solutions: Unlock the power of solar energy with our state-of-the-art water heating systems,

At Kypros, our Water Heating Systems boast an impressive 30% increase in efficiency when compared to traditional options. The secret lies in our German-made Titanium collectors, renowned for their unbreakable and enduring quality. Our systems operate using a dual and triple-action method, incorporating electric, solar, and heating elements, resulting in 300 days a year of solar utilization and a significant reduction in electricity consumption.

Each unit undergoes meticulous assembly upon its arrival at our manufacturing facility in Lebanon.

Hot Water system
How Does It Works?

Our water heating system operates on a closed circuit, with a glycol mixture circulating through the solar collector.

The solar thermal collector efficiently captures sunlight, heating the glycol mixture, which then circulates within the system.

This heat is then transferred to a double layered hot water tank. The first layer contains the glycol solution, while the second holds the water supply, thus effectively heating the stored water.

The glycol mixture, known as Docal 20, is non-toxic and serves to safeguard the system against calcification and freezing conditions.

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Collector Specifications:

• Copper pipes with ultrasonically welded TITANIUM sheets.
• High-quality, permeable, and secure 4mm low-iron.
• Anodized iron frame, 1.5mm thick, designed to withstand various weather conditions.
• Galvanized steel base, also designed to withstand various weather conditions.

Hot Water Tank Specifications:

• Constructed from 3mm low carbon steel.
• Features a double enamel (porcelain) coating.
• Operates on a closed double-circuit system with a 2mm glycol liquid jacket and a 5cm
layer of polyurethane.
• Includes a pressure relief valve for closed circuits.
• Exterior covered with 1mm galvanized steel.
• Equipped with an electric heater for occasional use.
• Optional extra heat-exchanger.

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Our Process In Few Steps
Step One:
Assessment & Inspection:
A Kypros solar engineer expert will pay a visit to your location for a thorough evaluation.
Step Two:
Planning & Quotation:
Following the site assessment, we'll design a system that aligns with your energy needs. We handpick top-quality products from leading manufacturers in the solar industry to ensure your
investment is worthwhile.
Step Three:
Installation & Activation:
We'll carry out the installation of the recommended system for your location, prioritizing safety measures to guarantee a swift return on your solar investment.
Step Four:
Ongoing Support & Maintenance:
Even after your system is up and running, our support doesn't end. You can always rely on us for any assistance you require. Just reach out, and we'll be there to help.
Why Choose Us?

Clients should choose Kypros for its commitment to providing exceptional quality and top-of- the-line products that harness the power of renewable energy. With a team of experts dedicated to installation and maintenance, Kypros ensures that customers receive the support they need for a seamless experience. By opting for Kypros, clients not only make a positive contribution to environmental conservation but also enjoy the benefits of efficient and eco-friendly energy solutions. It's a lifetime investment that brings substantial value to your initial investment, while contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

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KYPROS delivers the ultimate blend of environmental and financial benefits. Our solutions offer the perfect long-term investment for independent electricity generation. Success starts with good planning and working with experts. When it comes to solar panels, we'll make sure they're a great fit for you by analyzing your needs.

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