Harnessing The Power Of Sun
We're primed for solar energy; now, let's harness it to its full potential.
Lebanese Center for Energy Conservation (LCEC):

Recognized by the LCEC as a leader in carbon emissions reduction.

Project Lebanon:

Celebrating 20 years of unwavering dedication and support, courtesy of Project Lebanon.

Project Lebanon:

Acknowledging 15 years of consistent support and loyalty, courtesy of Project Lebanon.

Achieving ISO 9001:
Certification in effect since 2007 for excellence in the manufacturing, sales, installation, and maintenance of complete solar heating systems.
Two Awards
Gaining ISO 9806-1 & ISO 9806-2
Certification in effect since 2008 for our liquid heating solar collectors' thermal performance and qualifications. awards more explore
A Big Family Full Of Energy
Franchise Shops

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Dora - Beirut | Center Cebaco, Block A, 5th flr

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Afsedik - Koura

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Kfarhata - Zgharta

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