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Harnessing the Power of Sun
Kypros: Our Origin Story

Let's rewind to the early 1990s on the beautiful island of Cyprus. Mr. Fawzi Maalouf was on vacation there when he spotted solar panels on the roofs of some houses. He quickly realized these were solar collectors, a clever way to harness the sun's heat and use it to warm water in cylinders.

This discovery piqued Mr. Maalouf's curiosity, leading him to explore the world of solar systems. His journey took him to a local solar provider on the island, where he was wowed by the potential of solar energy. He knew introducing this renewable energy source to the Lebanese market was a game-changer for a brighter future.

In 1994, driven by their entrepreneurial spirit, the Maaloufs and Akars took a leap of faith. They started importing and offering solar systems to the Lebanese market, and Kypros was born, named after the island where the idea first sparked to life.

Harnessing the Power of Sun
Embrace the Clean Energy Revolution with KYPROS

Mawared and Construction Co. S.A.R.L., operating under the name KYPROS®, is a registered, independent firm recognized by the Lebanese Government under the identification number 1440398. Our headquarters are located in Beirut, and our manufacturing facility is based in North Lebanon.

KYPROS® embarked on its journey back in 1994 with a clear mission in mind: to provide and install high-quality solar units in both the Lebanese and regional markets. Our primary goal is to combat environmental pollution and reduce fuel consumption.

Our expertise at KYPROS® covers the production, sale, installation, and maintenance of complete solar hot water systems, as well as installation and upkeep of PV systems.

Back in 1994, driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, the Maaloufs and Akars took a pioneering step by introducing an innovative energy solution to the Lebanese market through the importation and offering of solar systems.

The name KYPROS was chosen as a tribute to the island where this bright idea was born.

CEO Message

I was born and raised in Lebanon, a place where daily life often came with frequent electricity cuts that would leave us in darkness.

Around three decades ago, we made a choice to change this narrative. Our aim was to enhance the living conditions in our beloved country by harnessing the abundant power of solar energy. We dreamt of a day when every rooftop in Lebanon would proudly host solar panels.

With the dedicated support of the Kypros team, our dream has transformed into a reality. Over the years, we’ve expanded our operations, evolved our factory, and reached every corner of Lebanon. To date, we’ve successfully installed over 50,000 solar devices. In the year 2021 alone, our efforts contributed an impressive 1 megawatt of solar energy to the grid, equivalent to powering approximately 1,000 homes.

At Kypros, we proudly stand as the most reliable and convenient solution for accessing top-notch solar energy. We uphold ISO standards for the production of renewable energy, encompassing photovoltaic energy and water heaters.

Today, I extend my heartfelt appreciation to the Kypros family, both large and small, who have played a pivotal role in our journey. I also invite you to join us in building a cleaner, more sustainable future by embracing renewable energy from its most trustworthy source—the sun. Rest assured we are fully prepared to provide you with the highest level of service as we venture into this exciting era of transformation.

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Nowadays, many businesses in Lebanon are turning to alternative energy sources. The reason? Daily power cuts hamper productivity, and rising oil prices lead to higher operating costs, affecting long-term business growth.

So, why go solar for your business?

Save on Costs
Lower Your Bills
Spend Less on Maintenance
Ensure Energy Security
Fuel Your Business Growth
Green Savings, Your Way!

KYPROS delivers the ultimate blend of environmental and financial benefits. Our solutions offer the perfect long-term investment for independent electricity generation. Success starts with good planning and working with experts. When it comes to solar panels, we'll make sure they're a great fit for you by analyzing your needs.

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