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With over 300 sunny days annually, Lebanon is primed to harness the abundant solar energy.
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At Kypros, we craft our products with leading technologies to ensure the utmost quality, providing you with 100% clean energy and remarkable cost-effective outcomes. The cost of solar has continually decreased over time, making the initial investment far more accessible than one might think. Furthermore, a PV solar system represents a lasting investment, tirelessly generating power long after it has paid for itself.

Beyond immediate savings, solar power also enhances the value of your home, offering a compelling short-term return on investment. What sets solar apart is its scalability; our systems can be seamlessly expanded and customized to accommodate your changing lifestyle. Whether it's adding more panels or integrating a battery system, Kypros offers adaptable solutions that align with your household's unique needs.

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How Does It Works?

Solar Panels are innovative systems designed to capture solar energy and convert it into electrical power. Comprised of thousands of tiny solar cells, these panels are where the magic happens. Within each solar cell, photons from the sun's rays are harnessed to produce clean and sustainable electrical energy. It's a remarkable process that offers eco-friendly power generation at its finest.

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Off-Grid Solar Systems: A Viable Solution

Given the current state of affairs in Lebanon, with the prevailing EDL shortages and the high cost per kilowatt-hour from private diesel generators, off-grid solar systems equipped with batteries emerge as a compelling solution. These batteries ensure round-the-clock electricity supply, effectively reducing energy bills to zero. Investing in batteries provides an impressive Return on Investment (R.O.I.) within a mere 2.5 years, when compared to the expenses associated with diesel generators.

The Power of Solar Inverters

Solar inverters, also known as converters or PV inverters, play a pivotal role in converting the variable direct current (DC) output generated by photovoltaic (PV) solar panels into utility frequency alternating current (AC). This AC power can either be fed into the local electrical grid or utilized in a standalone off-grid electrical network. Solar inverters serve as a critical balance- of-system (BOS) component in a photovoltaic system, allowing the use of standard AC-powered equipment. Kypros' solar power inverters come equipped with specialized features tailored for photovoltaic arrays, including maximum power point tracking and anti-islanding protection.

Seamless Monitoring & Maintenance

With Kypros' Monitoring & Maintenance Plan, you can experience peace of mind, knowing that our experts are closely monitoring your solar system. We ensure that it remains fault-free and operates without downtime, offering a safe and reliable energy source for you and your family. All systems are connected online to our main portal, enabling remote assessments to determine if a system service is required.

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This is Heading
Our Process In Few Steps
Step One:
Assessment & Inspection:
A Kypros solar engineer expert will pay a visit to your location for a thorough evaluation..
Step Two:
Planning & Quotation:
Following the site assessment, we'll design a system that aligns with your energy needs. We handpick top-quality products from leading manufacturers in the solar industry to ensure your investment is worthwhile.
Step Three:
Installation & Activation:
We'll carry out the installation of the recommended system for your location, prioritizing safety measures to guarantee a swift return on your solar investment.
Step Four:
Ongoing Support & Maintenance:
Even after your system is up and running, our support doesn't end. You can always rely on us for any assistance you require. Just reach out, and we'll be there to help..
Why Choose Us?

Clients should choose Kypros for its commitment to providing exceptional quality and top-of- the-line products that harness the power of renewable energy. With a team of experts dedicated to installation and maintenance, Kypros ensures that customers receive the support they need for a seamless experience. By opting for Kypros, clients not only make a positive contribution to environmental conservation but also enjoy the benefits of efficient and eco-friendly energy solutions. It's a lifetime investment that brings substantial value to your initial investment, while contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

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KYPROS delivers the ultimate blend of environmental and financial benefits. Our solutions offer the perfect long-term investment for independent electricity generation. Success starts with good planning and working with experts. When it comes to solar panels, we'll make sure they're a great fit for you by analyzing your needs.

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