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Lebanon has more than 300 Sunny days during the year. We can benefit from the sunny days to convert sun ray to electrical power. Go solar today with KYPROS!

Kypros Products are made with the best technologies to insure best quality , providing you with a 100% harmless energy with the highest cost effective results.

Over time the cost of solar has decreased, so the initial investment isn’t as high as people may think. Additionally, it is a long-term investment which means a PV solar system will be working hard for you well after it has paid for itself.

Solar increases the value of your home, so even short-term investment offers a good return.

Solar systems are expandable which means you can add to your system as your lifestyle changes. Adding more panels and even a battery if suitable to your household needs.

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How It Works?!

Solar Panels are systems that allow us to capture solar energy and convert it into electrical power. Solar panels are made up of thousands of tiny solar cells. These solar cells are where the magic occurs, where photons are harnessed to produce electrical energy.

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Solar batteries could be the solution

Due to current situation in Lebanon and high shortage in EDL not mentioning the high rate of kw/ hour for private diesel generator. Batteries can deliver 24/24 electricity and reduce energy bills to zero balance. Investing in batteries R.O.I. (Return on investment) in less than 1 year comparing to Diesel generator bill.

What is an inverter?

Solar inverter, or converter or PV inverter, converts the variable direct current (DC) output of a photovoltaic (PV) solar panel into a utility frequency alternating current (AC) that can be fed into a commercial electrical grid or used by a local, off-grid electrical network. It is a critical balance of system (BOS)–component in a photovoltaic system, allowing the use of ordinary AC-powered equipment. Solar power inverters have special functions adapted for use with photovoltaic arrays, including maximum power point tracking and anti-islanding protection.

Monitoring and Maintenance

With Kypros Monitoring & Maintenance Plan, you can rest easy knowing that we have our eyes-on-your-solar, keeping your system free from faults and downtime and safe for you and your family while all systems are connected online to our main portal system. (Performed remotely to assess if a system service is required).

This is Heading
Our Process In Few Steps
Step One:
We inspect & Design:
Our Solar Engineer Expert will visit you to check the site so we can design a system that meets your utility usage and needs, selecting the best products imported from best companies in the solar market to make sure that your money and effort is valued.
Step Two:
Installation & Commissioning:
We install the best recommended system for your place making sure all safety measures are taken into consideration, to ensure the fastest return on your solar investment.
Step Three:
Follow up and Maintenace:
Even after your system is installed and operating, you can always count on us to provide the support you need. Just contact us and we will be there for you.
Why Us!

Kypros Products are made with the highest technologies to insure best quality to harvest the renewable energy, the solar energy, to give you a primary quality in solar solutions and energy saving products.
Solar solutions shifted from being an alternative solution for energy into being the primary solution. And since we have a gift of energy called the sun, using this gold of nature will save nature itself, thus, humanity.
Our experts in installation and maintenance have made it easier for customers to utilize their systems within the least time of purchase, leaving behind them happy clients with products and service all over Lebanon.
Kypros products always leave a positive impact on people’s lives, providing you with a 100% harmless energy with the highest cost effective results. It changes your life with safety, less energy cost and turns you into a change maker with saving your environment.
Imagine how much you’d save on your energy bills. Not to forget your own personal comfort and safety from any electrical accidents.

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Save Money, Save The Environment!
KYPROS offers you the best long term effective investment, a power solution to generate electricity independently.

The basis for the success of any project is proper planning, and ensuring the result by working with specialists and experts.
When it comes to installing solar electric systems it is very important to determine if it is beneficial for your home or business and to analyze the requirements and parameters before installing panels.

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Performance Measures

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