Active participation For KYPROS in the Lebanese Energy Week Chouman” KYPROS leads international projects after its success locally and regionally
With an official and ministerial support and the sponsorship of the “Lebanese Center for Energy Conservation” and “Middle East Solar Industry Association, Lebanon International Solar Week was inaugurated at Hilton Habtoor Hotel in Sin El Fil (Convention Center) on the First of June. His Excellency Prime Minister Najib Mikati, was represented by Minister of Industry George Boushikian, who said at the opening: “Lebanon is known as the country of 300 days of sun”.

This is the best feature for using solar energy to its maximum extent. And while waiting for the complete rehabilitation of the electricity sector in Lebanon, the Lebanese will be compensated for the investment he made.

Sustainable future

The Lebanon International Solar Energy Week witnessed a series of conferences and special talks conducted by experts in the field of solar energy, where these sessions provided attendees with valuable insights into the latest trends, innovations and best practices in energy production, conservation and storage.

Furthermore, the Participants had the opportunity to interact with industry leaders and gain a deeper understanding of the potential of solar energy in shaping a sustainable future.

New path

Lebanon went from generating zero solar power in 2010 to having 90 megawatts of solar capacity in 2020. the major surge happened when a further 100 megawatts were added in 2021 and 500 megawatts in 2022.

This change came through a number of companies, where KYPROS, played a big role in this sector.

KYPROS was the first to offer solar solutions to its customers in 1994, and today it is currently viewed as one of the top renewable energy players in the Lebanese market.

Mrs. Hanan Chouman, the Business developer at KYPROS commented on that by saying “the company has performed a critical role providing the Lebanese with alternative energy, in particular solar system, and it was able to meet the needs of Lebanese market in light of the lack of electricity and the shortage of diesel and fuel.

According to Chouman, KYPROS was the first to offer solar solutions to its customers in 1994, And today it is currently viewed as one of the top renewable energy players in the Lebanese market.

Positive role

Chouman added up that company has succeed to meet the population needs, and today seeks to develop its role and activities through the expansion of economic projects, return its benefits to the Lebanese, yet the company started new scope in the time being simulates the regional and international vision, based on alternative energy consideration as a strategic option.

In this regard, according to Chouman, the company was able to expand its role to new zones, and signing a number of agreements and committing to new projects in a numerous countries.

Effective participation

Chouman Drew the attention to the participation of KYPROS company in the conference concerning the energy which is held recently,” Lebanon International Solar” and it has a positive impact on the company, by exposing its projects to the investors and businessmen, also the conference has led to strengthen the relationship and build a bridge with several international companies who approached Lebanon exploring projects in solar systems field.

She concluded her speech by saying “We are a solar solutions company in Lebanon, that we are looking to play positive role in the energy systems internally and externally, using the innovative technologies.

KYPROS provides Solar Solutions in Lebanon to every need being personal, commercial or industrial. Even more, the company offers diversified solutions servicing Residential Buildings, Industrial Facilities, also Schools, Hotels, Restaurants, and Governmental Institutions.
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