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18 Panels each 540W
Consist of 2 Hybrid inverters each 5KW.
Location: Bkennaya

Harnessing The Power Of Sun
Our Story

The story started in Cyprus, a small island in the Mediterranean sea, in the early 1990’s when “Mr. Fawzi Maalouf was on a vacation and saw panels on some house roofs. Very quickly, he recognized that what he had seen are collectors, an assembly of solar panels which absorb heat from the sun and use it to heat up water stored in a hot water cylinder.

He wanted to learn more about the solar systems he had seen, so he visited the solar provider on the Island to explore his opportunities. He was impressed with what he had seen, and realized the importance of introducing solar energy to the Lebanese market. He believed that this form of renewable energy was the right choice for a better future.

In 1994 and with an entrepreneurial mindset, the Maaloufs’and Akars' took a leap and introduced an alternate form of energy to the Lebanese market through importing and offering solar systems. The Company name KYPROS was chosen as a token of appreciation to the Island where the idea came to life.

Making Tomorrow Different Today
The KYPROS Purpose

Today KYPROS has more than 50,000 satisfied customers because of their solutions, expertise and after sales services across all the Lebanese regions.

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Many commercial businesses in Lebanon are now shifting to alternative sources of energy due to the daily power-cuts and their effect on productivity, in addition to the continuous increase in oil prices, which led to a spike in operating costs, thus affecting the growth of businesses in the long term.
The main advantages of Solar energy to any business is:

Reduction in operating costs
Lower bills
Lower maintenance costs
Energy security and independence
Business growth
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PV step 1
Step One:
Inspect & Evaluate:
Kypros Solar engineer expert will visit you to check the site .
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Step Two:
Design & Quote:
After the visit we will design a system that meets your utility usage and needs, selecting the best products imported from best companies in the solar market to make sure that your money and effort is valued.
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Step Three:
Install & Commission:
We install the best recommended system for your place making sure all safety measures are taken into consideration, to ensure the fastest return on your solar investment.
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Step Four:
Follow Up & Maintenance:
Even after your system is installed and operating, you can always count on us to provide the support you need. Just contact us and we will be there for you.